Kian Forreal

Kian Forreal


Watch our exclusive interview with renowned Sydney tattoo artist Kian Forreal as he tells us about his experience, inspirations and his design for the collectible Wicked packaging.


Kian Forreal has spent the last 10 years of his extensive 16 year career tattooing all over the world studying with some of the finest artists around. The first 6 years of his career were spent learning the ropes of tattooing in the street shops of his home country Canada. Originally from Toronto he tattooed coast to coast before leaving for Europe and then embarking on the journey to Australia to work at Inner Vision in Surry Hills in 2008 and now after more than 16 years of solid tattooing and commercial art he is making Sydney his home base.

Kian prefers to tattoo in the traditional Japanese style utilizing the body as a canvas to create flowing, dynamic tattoos on half and full arms, chests, backs and legs. A perpetual student he is constantly updating and expanding his knowledge of the Japanese style, cultural background and mythology. Although this is his favourite style of tattooing he is also happy to create small and medium Japanese designs for those clients that do not wish large coverage at this stage in their tattoo collecting. Please note that Kian is also very adept at cover-ups and does them at his discretion, furthermore that Japanese type tattooing is a superb way to achieve complete and lasting satisfaction.

He also is well versed in many forms of fancy scripts, West Coast letters, and gothic lettering and has a passion for it which he devotes himself fully to and never tires from working out new little ways to keep it all fresh and exciting.

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