wicked dragon game

Kian Forreal

Kian Forreal has spent the last 10 years of his extensive 16 year career tattooing all over the world…

the story

bring your wicked side

Inspired by the body art phenomenon that is sweeping the globe, WICKED is an all new energy drink combining tattoo attitude with caffeine and taurine. The result is a truly unique energy experience that is sure to bring out every drinkers wicked side. Drunk at work or at play, WICKED is the perfect answer for the demands of discerning Gen Y.

Before WICKED grabs the tastebuds, its packaging ‘skin’ – an Asian inspired dragon tattoo – catches the eye, thanks to the talents of renowned Sydney tattoo artist Kian Forreal. Kian lends his ink, street cred and reckless creativity to WICKED. Over time, further authentic tattoo designs by renowned tattoo artists will be rolled out as part of WICKED’s ongoing collectible packaging range.

WICKED’s highly inspirational energy drink comes in fully illustrated 250ml and 500ml cans. And for those looking for a no sugar variety, WICKED now comes in WICKED ZERO – zero sugar but with the same energy hit! Go on, get a little bit wicked!